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Orlando/Kissimmee area Temperature and Rainfall Averages

As you will see, and contrary to some tourism guides, May through October is the wet season and the temperatures are almost never cold; from November to April is the dry season and the temperatures are cooler. The following are the regional mean temperatures and rainfall as given by the National Weather Service.

Orlando/Kissimmee Weather Averages Table
  Max. Temp. F. Min. Temp. F.  Max. Temp. C. Min. Temp. C. Avg. Rainfall (English) Avg. Rainfall (Metric)
Jan. 71 49 22 9 2.5" 6.35 cm
Feb. 73 49 23 9 3" 7.62 cm
March 79 55 26 13 3.5" 8.89 cm
April 83 60 28 16 2.5" 6.35 cm
May 89 65 32 18 4" 10.16 cm
June 90 70 32 21 7" 17.78 cm
July 91 72 33 22 7.5" 19.05 cm
Aug. 91 72 33 22 7" 17.78 cm
Sept. 89 71 32 22 6" 15.24 cm
Oct. 84 65 29 18 3" 7.62 cm
Nov. 77 56 25 13 2" 3.08 cm
Dec. 72 50 22 10 2" 3.08 cm

Florida is also known as the lightning capital of the world because of the high number of strikes associated with thunderstorms and the many people who are injured or killed by them. Don't stand under trees during a storm, seek shelter inside of a building, and don't play golf in the rain or stand in an open field during a storm.

Even though it may be hot out, many people are unaware that dime-sized to golf-ball-sized hail can occassionally occur with Florida's thunderstorms.

Also, if your vacation occurs between June through November, it may be helpful to watch the weather reports covering Atlantic ocean hurricanes; Florida's Hurricane season occurs during this period!



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